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You've got to be the BEST to be Narly!
Programmable Logic Controller Handheld HMI Software for Palm Pilot!

Mitsubishi PLC communicates with Palm Pilot,
  PalmV, PalmVx, PalmIIIc and other PDAs.
Monitors Faster than Medoc.

Allen Bradley Specs Mitsubishi Specs Modbus Specs Omron Specs

Mitsubishi didn't think of:

  1. Touch screen size 4.7" x 3.2" x 0.4".

  2. Weighs only 4oz. (easy to carry).

  3. Less than any other HMI solution.
    No expensive special cables.

  4. Pick one up at your local computer store, unless you want us to bundle a package for you.

  5. Use spreadsheet to assist with your calculations.

  6. Use memos to make sure things like your mitsubishi plc settings are correct. You know, like timer settings.

  7. One hardware purchase allows the plc programmer access to many other other manufacturers plcs. Simply add a new Narly Software app. and you've added the ability to troubleshoot another plc type!



Narly Software created:

  1. Configuration No setup needed just connect to your PLC.

  2. Access X,Y,M,S,D,Timer, and
    Counter locations in your Mitsubishi

  3. Keypad for direct data entry
    data locations in PLC.

  4. Monitor screen allows viewing
    any 4 devices with adjustable
    scan rate, over 5 times a second.
    Much faster than Medoc.

  5. Help screens are available at all
    times. In every screen, when you
    need it, one tap to get it.

  6. Ongoing Development, we're
    adding new features all the time!



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