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Creators of Industrial Handheld MMI, OIT, HMI Software Tools for
Palm Computing Platform, WinCE, and other personal organizers.

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Allen Bradley Specs Mitsubishi Specs Modbus Specs Omron Specs



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Be the first in your company to have a Handheld HMI!

Imagine what they'll say when you fix the machine
with NO LAPTOP COMPUTER, just a Palm Pilot!

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PocketHMI-AB or HandyHMI-AB (Allen Bradley PLC)

PocketHMI-FX or HandyHMI-FX (Mitsubishi FX PLC)

PocketHMI-MB or HandyHMI-MB (Modbus Devices)

PocketHMI-OM or HandyHMI-OM (Omron Host Link)


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"What is a handheld HMI".

Most companies that use industrial equipment such as General Motors, Coca Cola, even Disneyland and Las Vegas's Treasure Island Hotel, use industrial computers called Programmable Logic Controllers.  These PLCs need to be programmed and then adjusted.

Narly Software's handheld HMI software allows the engineer or maintenance person to make these adjustments using an inexpensive Palm Pilot with our pocketHMI software installed.  Without pocketHMI they need a heavy expensive laptop computer with expensive software installed.

So, if you know anyone that is an engineer, maintenance person or is involved with industrial equipment and could benefit, please go to our Tell Friends page and we will contact them, maybe we can help.

Make sure to bookmark our home page Narly Software because In the near future Narly Software will be adding fresh new downloads for Palm Pilot handhelds not listed above.  These applications will only be available on our site.



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