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Programmable Logic Controller Handheld HMI Software for Palm Pilot!

Handheld HMI Software for Palm Pilot!

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Allen Bradley Mitsubishi Modbus Omron

Handheld HMI Applications for the Palm Computing Platform. We at Narly Software are leading the industry when it comes to making the best use of the world's most popular PDA.  With our handheld HMI applications you can connect to your PLC and read, write or monitor values from the PLC's internal devices.

ActiveX controls for Mitsubishi FX series PLCs allow read write access to internal devices.  For use with Visual Basic, Access, Excel and other Windows applications.  As the first developers of VBX controls for PLCs back in 1993 C&L Systems pioneered industrial uses of Visual Basic.

VBX controls for Mitsubishi FX series, A series and FR-A200 series Variable Frequency Drives.  These are the first VBX custom controls ever written for industrial use.  C&L Systems was first seen at the Mitsubishi booth as C&M Information Transfer Systems back in 1993 at the ISA show in Chicago.

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 Press Release
 Is scheduled to start up mid August. The site will provide worldwide exposure to those of you that have talent in HMI design and want other individuals and companys to learn of your skills. In addition, will provide a learning area for those of you just stating out with the HMI, (Human Machine Interface) community.



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